Some Examples of My Work



This project involved transforming the back garden of a family home in Coquitlam. The garden had drainage issues and was really only used by the family dogs. The design challenge was to create a space that would draw the whole family outside so that the garden would become an integral part of their home.

Mobilio Berry After 3.JPG


The owners of this home were frustrated by the fact that a drought ridden 'hell strip' along the curb and a sharp slope down to the house meant even the grass had trouble growing. The design mandate was to create a visually pleasing and colourful front garden and more welcoming entrance to their home.



This home is on a corner lot and there was no obvious approach to the front door except through the carport on one side. The challenge was to make the entrance unmistakable and to include a bold front garden that complemented the style of the house.

Screenshot Mannering FeatureSheet pdf.png


This property was large but underutilized and the owners wanted an outdoor space that they could escape to without leaving their own backyard. The challenge was to incorporate all the entertainment features into a harmonious garden space.


Designing and constructing spectacular planters is my specialty and something I love doing. In our climate there are wonderful plants for every season and location and planter displays don't need to be just for the summer months.

Your containers can look great during the summer and winter and adjustments can be made for special Seasonal displays such as at Christmas. A well planted and maintained Container display truly enhances the beauty of  your home and garden.

Gabriele Sun Planter.JPG