My Design Process

To help you make the most of your garden requires first getting to understand your needs and goals. From there, I can design a unique plan to transform your garden to make it a new living space for your home. With the plan, I can advise you on how to choose the right contractors or project manage the process with you. Together, we will make sure the plan becomes a reality!


ON-SITE Consultation

The first phase of all good garden design starts with a consultation at your home. We will discuss in detail your hopes and dreams for the garden space. The goal is to create a beautiful garden that fits your lifestyle and budget. For example, would you like your garden to be a sanctuary or a place to entertain or both? How much time do you have to maintain the garden? What is your budget for any changes?

At the end of this consultation, I will produce a document that outlines the design objectives for your future garden. You can stop at this point or we can go further and develop a plan! I charge $200 for a 2-3 hour consultation and report.


Once you've decided to proceed with having a new garden design I'll return and take accurate measurements in order to create a base plan for your new garden. During the creative process I will share with you photo ideas from books and magazines to find out more about your preferences and after this research phase I will produce some rough sketches to help you visualize your new garden. The design elements that you choose will then be incorporated into a more formal plan of the whole garden using CAD Landscape software. This first version will detail the hardscape elements planned and will include any new decking, fencing, stonework, as well as items to remain such as mature trees to be kept in situ, etc. We will then discuss the overall configuration and make any changes before I go on to further develop the details into a working Hardscape Plan as well as prepare a separate planting plan.

The Hardscape Plan will be to scale much like a blueprint and can be used by the Landscape Contractor to construct the new garden. The Planting Plan is used to determine the size and number and kinds of plants required to purchase at Nurseries and serves as a blueprint for where to place them in the new landscape.

Typically the cost of this development phase varies between $1,000 to $3,000 and is dependent on the size of project and complexity and the number of revisions. The cost of plants and materials would be additional to that.


Armed with your plan, we will then discuss how to best implement your new Garden Design. I have many years of experience working with contractors and sub-contractors and can advise you on the best local installers. Most clients use Landscape companies for the heavy work and for specialized skills such as paving, irrigation, fencing,  grading and drainage, lighting and large tree installation, etc. You can choose to use my services for planting the smaller trees, shrubs and perennials.

As well I recently project managed the entire installation process for a new Landscape Design. This included interviewing and choosing contractors and trades people and managing the overall installation in order to make the project as stress free as possible for the client.