Maintaining Your Garden

Maintaining your garden after it is installed is essential for both visual enjoyment and plant health. I offer several maintenance services for you to choose from:

  1. Bi-weekly maintenance - time would be dependant on the size of your garden. This service can include perennial and shrub maintenance, weeding and bed cleanup and generally spans the end of February to the end of November. Topiary pruning can be included as well as bulb planting in the fall and planting out bedding annuals in spring. The cost is $30 per hour or set number of hours can be agreed on.
  2. Joint maintenance - I can also work in conjunction with you in maintaining your garden. My services can be retained for such tasks as topiary or boxwood pruning , bed renovations and specific seasonal chores or I could work alongside you in basic maintenance tasks such as weeding. The cost is $30 per hour.
  3. Seasonal maintenance - this would be getting the garden beds ready for the season. In spring this could include bed cleanup, soil or mulch additions, and spring pruning. In fall this could include removing fallen leaves and bed cleanup, cutting back finished plant material, and planting spring bulbs. The cost is $30 per hour.



4. Planters for all seasons - I offer the service of preparing your containers, purchasing and planting seasonal displays for spring and summer, fall or winter. Christmas displays can also be done. The cost is $30 per hour which includes plant purchase time plus the cost of plants.